Lux Unfiltered Review

Who’s kidding who, we l-o-v-e a good tan (real or fake)! We’ve been riding with the classic St. Tropez for years but recently (aka January 2021) have been trying new products to help us achieve that bronzy glow. There had always been things about self-tanning (in general) that we didn’t love – the smell, the process, the stained clothes/sheets from colour-transfer, etc. This is where @luxunfiltered comes in. Our Instagram…

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Picnic Parties

Two words: picnic parties!!! Styled picnics have been a growing trend, especially during this past year when virtually the only thing you could do was spend time outdoors. This past…

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Gisou Review

Hey everyone! If you’ve been around for a little while then you know it’s NO surprise how much we love Negin Mirsalehi and her hair products, Gisou! Before they shipped…

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Our Must-Have Lounge Wear

Hey everyone! Today we have a fun post to share, it’s been a hot minute since we’ve shared some fashion content with you all! We figured it would only be…

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Best 19 of 2019

Hey everyone! First things first… HAPPY NEW YEAR! We are so happy to be back and sharing blog posts with you all! It’s been a wild last few weeks for…