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Hey everyone! First things first… HAPPY NEW YEAR! We are so happy to be back and sharing blog posts with you all! It’s been a wild last few weeks for us, we have so many things to share with you all – almost a catch up in a sense of where we’ve been and what’s to come this year (so many exciting things!!!).  We’re going to have a full blog post on New Year’s resolutions and work/school life tips! There’s a ton of topics we’d Like to talk about – so if any of you guys have any requests, we’d love to hear them! For the first post of the year we thought it would be fitting to talk about none other than our top 19 favourites of 2019. We’ve had so many favourite things this past year we can’t wait to share with you all – it’s a mixture of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle aka all of our favourite things!


Ouai Hair Mask

Okay so in 2019 we really took an interest in hair care and taking that to the next level. We tried so many new products, techniques, and styles. This product was actually a gift from last Christmas and was used and loved throughout the year – so much so that it’s been re purchased (which is a pretty big deal for us). It used to be known as a leave in conditioner but now called a treatment mask – also in a tube which is so much easier to use and not waste any product. It can be used as a mask but let’s get real who has time for hair masks regularly (we care but still can’t be dedicating a ton of time towards it) so since we have fairly coarse/thick hair it’s the perfect to use daily after shampooing. It’s something so simple to integrate into your routine but you really do notice the difference. Yes, Ouai to haircare – see what we did there lol! But seriously though you tell a difference in both texture and appearance. 

Gisou Hair Oil

Made by one of our fav influencers on IG, Negin Mirsalehi is major goals and her hair care line is everything!!! What makes this hair oil so unique is that it’s infused with honey from her family’s bee garden. The honey is rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins which helps to strengthen and protect the hair. It also strives to have as many natural ingredients as possible (which we’re allll for)! You can use the oil as generously as you’d like, and on either wet hair for pre-styling and protection from heat, or on dry hair to amp up shine/help with styling. It’s even recommended that you use it as a leave-in overnight treatment or add it in to a mask for extra nutrients. Another plus…. It smells amazing!

Summer Fridays 

Summer Fridays has been the talk of the town for a little while now, so we needed to see what the buzz was all about – and we’re in love! The classic jetlag mask last January and love it, you will come to see in our winter skincare must-haves post (coming soon!), we love anything super hydrating. This mask is extremely multipurpose, it can be used as a mask, facial cream, or sleeping mask. Personally, it’s a tad thick for our liking to be used a face cream under makeup but absolutely love it as a sleeping mask. Another life hack we like to do is apply it on the days we don’t wear any makeup and its acts as a mask all day long – win win! As much as we love to hydrate, we can’t forget how important it is to exfoliate. The overtime mask is perfect for exfoliation – fun fact once we applied this and both fell asleep with it on…needless to say our skin was looking great lol! These masks are so great, effortless to use and make such a noticeable difference in our skin. 

Laneige Lip Mask

This lip mask is everything!!! By far one of the best hydrating lip masks on the market, it’s a game changer for real and if you don’t own it you need to purchase it ASAP, we loved it so much we included it in our giveaway! This mask is perfect, we don’t even exclusively use it as a mask to be honest, we wear it during the day just as a lip balm. It actually looks like a beautiful natural lip colour that blends in with your true lip colour. A tip is applying a nude lip liner then the product – it looks flawless (and extra plump). The lips look great and you’re nourishing them all at once! 

Good Girl – Carolina Herrera

We absolutely adore this perfume! It comes in the infamous black stiletto bottle with a gold heel (gorg!) and the scent has us hooked! We have worn this perfume nonstop the past year (major bar staple lol) and we’ve heard from tons of people that they love it. It’s kind of like a best of both worlds scent, because it combines a dark, rich smell with fresh and light elements to it (also making it perfect for any season). This is also a scent that lasts throughout the day and have found it works well for many. We know some picky people when it comes to fragrance, just to find out that this is the only perfume they like (we feel like the definitely says something, right?)!

Dyson Blow Dryer 

Two words…. LIFE CHANGING! But seriously, this is one of the best hair tools out there and SO worth the price tag! If you guys aren’t familiar with all that the Dyson hair dryer is or does, it’s essentially a fast drying, no extreme heat blow dryer that will literally dry your hair in like 7-10 minutes flat (instead of 25 minutes with a regular dryer). We both have previously despised blow drying our hair because it felt like it took forever and always smelt like our hair was burning (anyone else?!) but now we actually enjoy it lol. It comes with a few varying attachments, that make styling our hair a dreaaaam! Our fav look right now is using a round brush in conjunction with an attachment to get our hair sleek, straight, and healthy looking (without any other high intensity heat).


Biker Shorts

If there’s one trend you can say we lived for was biker shorts!!! You guys seriously don’t know how pivotal this was for us, we loved them SO much and somehow found ways to integrate them into every look, occasion, style, vibe – you name it, we were in biker shorts. Something about them are just so fun (and comfortable) we love the different prints, colours, textures! From denim biker shorts (it’s a vibe), leopard, classic black, dressy, yoga – our collection grew and is continuing to grow! We literally wore them to dressy events, work with blazers, the fair, gym, music festivals, day to day…. and even the…. BAR! We repped them so hard and can assure they are not going anywhere in 2020 (in fact we both actually received some for Christmas). Some of our favourite stores to purchase them are Aritzia, Aerie, Adidas, and Abercrombie and Finch! 

Tonal Tracksuits 

Before you say anything…it’s a vibe!!! Sometimes tonal looks can be intimidating and not everyone likes them, but they look soo put together and an elevated compared to leggings and a hoodie. Whether it’s grey on grey, cream, camel, black – they look look so cute. Throw on some classic uggs or fila’s with a wool coat and you are serving some serious street style looks – plus you’re SO comfy. If we would wear it to work, we would honestly. It’s bad because this past month that’s all we’ve been living in, it’s gotten out of hand, on the weekends or evenings if its wasn’t Christmas pjs we were wearing tonal track suits. Even in the warmer months paired with shorts it’s such a look. Some of our favourites are of course Aerie, Aritzia, and H&M. H&M actually has an incredible selection for extremely affordable prices! 


One of our biggest obsessions this year has definitely been blazers, specifically the boyfriend blazer (we love this look)! Traditionally, we feel like blazers have always been associated with dressing for work or looking professional. While this is true, our favourite way to wear them is to dress them down and make the look appropriate for basically any occasion. A blazer with a good pair of denim, bike shorts, leather leggings, etc. (the list could go on forever) is the epitome of street style and some of our biggest outfit inspirations. We’ve both expanded our collections quite a bit from the beginning of the year (we have university to thank for that), and have made it somewhat a goal to own them in different colours, plaids, etc. lol. OH, we LOVE plaid blazers btw…. They are our most worn! Some of our favourites are from Aritzia, H&M, and Zara.

Gucci Marmont Collection

This has been a major love of ours before we ever even owned anything from this collection! Some of our beloved GG bags and belt are part of the Marmont collection (we have the mini, super mini, mini bucket, and classic belt). Essentially, this is the main collection that houses all of the iconic double-G hardware and (typically) chevron-style leather. These bags are so classic and are a great starter bag if you’re looking for something that’ll always be “in”. We use ours ALL the time and take them everywhere with us! Also- they’re super durable and come in the best neutral/go-to colours that’ll work with just about everything.


It’s so funny with our wardrobes primarily neutrals and subdued colours you wouldn’t expect us to be all for the bright neon trends…but we LOVE! When we were younger (kids and up to early/mid teens colours was everything to us!) Well look at us…our bedrooms are literally lime green and bubblegum pink (yes, even at the age of 22). This trend started to peek through last December into January and it was SO incredibly hard to find anything neon – we were going crazy! As the months went on the stores were FILLED and we were l i v i n g for it. Whether it’s a full fledged neon look, working around a single piece or something as simple as a bright scrunchie. Just the smallest pop of colour adds so much to your look and it doesn’t take much for you to follow a trend while remaining on a budget – there are so many affordable pieces during to follow this trend. It sure isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, neon arrived and never really left – ovisously in the summer months we wear it more often but its something we’ve incorporated throughout the year…as you will see with upcoming fashion posts (stay tuned!).

Hair Accessories 

This is a trend we love! Especially in the early months of 2019, personalized hair clips were all the rage – lets thank Arianna Grande for starting the trend of the year! Ever since we saw them we were going crazy and needed to have them – it’s also special for us because it was our first collaboration of the year! As you’ve seen throughout our feed our “Polly” and “Emmy” clips were loved. Also pearl clips, headbands, styled bobby pins – everything just elevates your whole look and vibe! You can honestly buy them anywhere now. Every year we have a couple words that we own for the year and “elevate” was one of them lol so that was always in our minds when doing anything! 


White & green, brown and black, you name it…. We love it! We’ll wear just about snakeskin anything lol. We’ve loved integrating this trendy print through our accessories, because a little statement bag or pair of booties make all the difference and just take a look to a new level. We love the versatility in the colouring of the prints because it becomes so wearable and easy to get comfortable with (sometimes prints can be a bold move, we totally get it). Honestly though, snakeskin is one of the most fun prints to rock so just take a leap and do it (we promise you’ll love it)!

Puffer Coats

Anyone who knows us, knows we are OBSESSED with coats (of any kind)! When Aritzia came out with the SuperPuff last year (and we didn’t buy one) we decided that there was no way that was happening this year! One of the BEST purchases we’ve made, they are the coziest, warmest, high-quality winter coats that we couldn’t be happier with! Over the past year or so, they have become such a staple in winter fashion and everyone’s wardrobes and we.are.HERE for it. Is it bad to say we want them in like 3 other colours and finishes (lol)? But for real- cropped, long, somewhere in between, they are truly the best! We’ve been wearing them nonstop since we purchased (and it hasn’t even been THAT cold) so that’s definitely got to say something! Side note: we honestly love puffer everything…. That goes for vests, scarves, mittens, you name it!


Stassi’s Book 

So you guys know we LOVE reality tv, we are complete junkies and plan our weeks around our TV nights… but these are the only types of shows we love. Seriously though, we get so invested in these people’s lives and get personally offended is we hear someone trash talking. Especially with following Stassi on this book journey throughout the show it was a no brainer to buy it! A resolution last year was to read more, this was the only book we read lol so that says a lot. This book was incredible, easy to read, hilarious (laughed out loud several times), it’s all about owning yourself, your interests, and embracing yourself. We both really connected…not sure if we should be proud or embarrassed but whatevs…we’ll just continue to sip on our iced coffee and snapping our ootd’s lol! 


MUSIC! This is a huge part of our lives and friendship…we live, eat, breath, sleep music!!! Hands down we would take music over tv anyday – very few hours of our days are spent in silence lol! With us both being marketers you know we loved what Spotify’s “Wrapped 2019” and our decade wrapped – we loved that!! As we were listening to our curated playlists, every song we were like “omg I love this” but obviously lol that’s why they were in there! Some of our most loved albums of the year were Dj Khaled Father of Asahd, Khalid Free Spirit, Tyga Legendary, and of course …Arianna Grande Thank u, next! These albums and songs were pretty ride and die for us along with other rap songs but these albums we 10/10 recommend! 


We feel like no one could love the movies more than we do lol! We always talk about how happy we are that we kind of rediscovered going and the whole fun in seeing them in a theatre. No joke, we didn’t step foot in a movie theatre for like 3 years straight and then one day we were like, “why do we never go anymore?!”. Safe to say we’ve made up for those 3 years because we make it our mission/goal in life to see one…. once a week!! Cheap Tuesdays are the best invention ever (and also give us an excuse to randomly eat froyo), so we couldn’t help but add it to our list! We’ve seen so many we loved over the past year, but some of our favs were Avengers: Endgame, Aladdin, Yesterday, Good Boys, The Addams Family… and our least fav…. Last Christmas.


Guys…even though this has been a cool trend for like the past 8 years..for some reason, we LOVED froyo this year. We sure were full of smilage’s…lol see what we did there. We ate so much of it and went to Menchies weekly. It was pretty bad, our cups cost like $10 – which means we have no limits or self control with it. How and why should one person eat over $10 of yogurt to themself in one sitting?! It could’ve been any time or day we were always down for some frozen yogurt and were really dedicated to our flavors to the point we would sometimes call in advance to see if they had particular flavours. Some of our favs are black cherry, cookie dough, toasty marshmallow, cake batter, oreo, and classic vanilla. 

White Wine

This is a funny one, and random too, but we’ve seriously grown to love white wine! To get specific, our favourites tend to be pinot grigios from Italy because let’s get real, we need smooth, fruity, and sweet to be able to drink it. We used to be those people that thought getting a drink at a restaurant was pointless (why? Idk) but we have grown a lot this year (lol), and now really enjoy having a glass of wine with dinner or at a restaurant. It’s also been our pre-bar drink of choice…. so yeah, you could say we realllly love it. We’ll let you know in a year’s time if we feel the same about reds…. we just aren’t quite there yet but #babysteps.

We hope you all liked this post and hopefully try some of these products or trends out in 2020! If you do or also loved any of these things, let us know! If you guys have any favourites from this past year – send them along because we’re always down to try new things. We are so happy to be back and uploading posts for you all!! Stay tuned for many more to come!

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