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Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Review

The infamous Dyson hair dryer – it’s been raved about since it’s arrival by pretty much every blogger out there (and for GOOD reason)! We’re going to give you the lowdown on this life-changing blow dryer, why we love it so much, and why we think it’s a great investment for anyone.

The Science + Technology Behind It

Okay so for anyone who doesn’t know, Dyson is a creator and manufacturer of some of the most advanced vacuums (pretty sure it was the first bagless vacuum ever invented?!). Since then, they’ve branched into hair tools that have honestly changed the game for the better. To put it simply, the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is ahead of its time in that it produces high pressure air at a regulated temperature so that your hair dries quickly but doesn’t get damaged in the process. Ever use a regular dryer and can literally SMELL your hair burning? That was something that turned both of us off from ever blow drying our hair, because no matter how many heat protect products we used, we couldn’t help but feel like we were seriously damaging our hair. It also has technology to reduce the vibration and sound (so for those early morning or late night showerers who aren’t trying to wake up their entire household, Dyson’s got you lol).

An “All Hair Types” Dryer

The Dyson has been engineered to work on all kinds of hair types based on the attachments that are built/come with it. For example, if you have curly hair, there’s a diffuser and wide-tooth comb available that will help them look their best, Or, they have an attachment for fine/gentle hair that helps to give volume to the root or texture to the overall style. Lastly, (and our personal favourites) are the smoothing nozzle and styling concentrator that help to give that precise, styled look and always keep our hairy looking shiny and smooth.

Ease of Use and Styling

This is honestly the most user-friendly hair tool ever. The attachments are held on magnetically, so taking them on and off is really easy. Also, it has 3 settings for air pressure and 3 settings for temperature. As for the actual design of the dryer, it sits really nicely in the hand because of the slim handle. This makes it easy to switch between hands (sometimes we feel like our non-dominant hands are useless for some things lol, but not with this!). Also, because the overall dryer isn’t chunky, it’s great for precision styling, getting close to the roots, round brushing, etc. Speaking of round brushing, this is our FAV way to style our hair. I think we mentioned earlier in this post that before the Dyson, blow drying our hair was literally one of our least favourite past times. This is also because whenever we would dry our hair it was never styled, so we still either had to straighten or curl it afterwards. The Dyson is an all in one styling tool with versatility and speed to create different looks, effortlessly. We can use this and essentially eliminate the need to use a flat iron (goals, right?!).

The Price

We couldn’t review this product without mentioning the price. It retails for $500 and can get as high as $550 pre-tax. Obviously, that’s a steep price for one styling tool, but it’s seriously worth the investment! It doesn’t damage your hair, saves time, and always leaves our hair looking and feeling goood. We do want to mention a positive to that price – at the bare minimum, it includes 3 attachments, a non-slip mat, and storage hanger (bang for your buck, right?!) lol. But seriously, if you’re in the market for this or something similar, we highly recommend the Dyson and can vouch for it and allll its amazing-ness.

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