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Who’s kidding who, we l-o-v-e a good tan (real or fake)! We’ve been riding with the classic St. Tropez for years but recently (aka January 2021) have been trying new products to help us achieve that bronzy glow. There had always been things about self-tanning (in general) that we didn’t love – the smell, the process, the stained clothes/sheets from colour-transfer, etc. This is where @luxunfiltered comes in. Our Instagram obsession with @sivanayla quickly turned into much more when we realized she had her own tanning brand. It was a no brainer for us to try her products out, and they have lived up to + exceeded any expectations! Some quick things to note – all of her products are cruelty / gluten / paraben / paraffin / phthalate / silicone / sulfate FREE and vegan! If that right there isn’t enough, we break down the products and why we love them (below)!

N°12 Bronzing Face Drops

Okay we cannot rave enough about these face drops! They are formulated specifically for the face and integrate seamlessly into our daily skincare routine. We’ve personally found that the face is always a tricky one when it comes to tanning (for many reasons) – 1) it’s always so much paler than the rest of the body, 2) the aging + damage the sun causes is something we are NOT down for (faces seem to age much more than other skin), 3) other tanning products clog pores. This product solves all of those issues! It gives the most natural, stunning glow that is buildable depending on how much product you use (+ how you use it). We personally like to apply 4ish drops for a nice medium tan directly on the skin (after moisturizer).

N°14 Conditioning Body Cream

We’re suckers for a good body lotion and this is a current FAVE of ours. First off the smell is to d i e for, any excuse to reapply – count us in! It’s so silky and buttery yet not thick and easily absorbs into the skin. What more can you ask for?!  There’s nothing worse than waiting for your creams to dry before putting your clothes or pjs back on. You can immediately tell a difference after using it, your skin looks visibly hydrated. 10/10 would recommend to use alongside the set or stand alone! We definitely need multiples to keep in the bathroom, bags, car, desk, etc we can’t get enough!

N°28 Exfoliating Body Polish 

Exfoliators are legit our best friends!!! There’s no better feeling than silky smooth healthy skin. Everything in this collection smells incredible, right down to the exfoliator. The soft santal fragrance is a luxurious scent added to your line up of shower essentials. After using the tan or not, we always like to remove excess dead skin, a perfect base for the moisturizer on its own or the self tanner! This is used in the beginning and end of your self tan routine. It’s super gentle and soft on the skin while doing its job to remove any excess dirt. 

N°32 Hydrating Self-Tanning Cream 

The OG + the one that started it all…. the tanning cream!!! Let us just start off by saying – this is a GAME CHANGER (like holy grail product status). For one, it’s a hydrating cream that you apply after right after a shower. No fuss, no mess, no extra steps. It leaves the skin feeling so soft and nourished but develops tan at the same time. The tanning cream is white (no dyes or anything added) which means no colour transfer that you’d typically see with a regular fake tan. Another great thing about this product is that it’s buildable – you can apply it daily or once every few days / week, totally up to you! There’s also no sticky feeling or “waiting period” for it to dry. It absorbs into the skin within a few minutes, like a regular cream would, so we never have to worry about accidentally rubbing the tan off or waiting to put clothes on. Lastly, it applies so EVENLY! This is something we’ve both struggled with in the past (our tan would sometimes end up looking splotchy) but because of the consistency, it basically guarantees a seamless smooth application every time. We can confidently say that this product is IT.

If you try these products out for yourself, let us know!

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