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Hey everyone! It’s been ages since we’ve posted a beauty or skincare related post on the blog. Since our last self care post, a lot has changed in our routine and products we love/swear by. With the current social situation, we figured now is the best time to share all our favourite products! Since most of  us are likely not wearing makeup for the most part, now is the perfect time to really take care of your skin and execute those at home spa days we all always wanted to have, but never had the time for. Treat everyday like a selfcare Sunday lol. If you guys like these types of posts and want more beauty and makeup related content, please let us know!

Tatcha Water Cream

First off, we’re not sure how it’s possible that we’ve never spoken about this product on the blog yet? It has been a staple for two years and has been repurchased 3 times (for us even one re purchase is pretty major – so that says a lot). This cream has been life changing and everyone who has tried it loves it. It’s more on the pricey side, but SO worth it. Over the last couple years we’ve slowly weaned off using heavy products and makeup on our skin, including skincare. Sometimes it does more harm than good, leaving a build up or clogged pores causing even more unwanted acne. This cream is the best of both worlds, providing you  with hydration and restores that healthy looking radiant skin without that sticky or greasy feeling. The burst of water allows for cream to soak into the skin, making it a great option for both morning and night!

Saturday Skin Rub-A-Dub Refining Peel Gel

This is a new love and one of the newest products in the skincare routine. The whole collection has definitely become a 2020 staple and in particular, this product stands out the most and is used the most often. We are the first ones to preach about how important it is to make time for yourself and self care – but let’s get real sometimes life gets busy, we’re tired mid week, or flat out don’t want to (and that’s totally okay!). This peel the lazy girl’s dream lol, you literally apply it to your face, rubbing in circular motions for one minute, then rinse it off… that’s it!!! You can honestly notice a difference right away, with improving dullness, uneven texture, dry skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. It’s recommended use is one to two times a week and is such an effortless add on to your existing routine. Not to mention a little goes a long way so this will last a while!

Glamglow GravityMud Firming Treatment

It’s funny as we’ve gotten a little older how our skincare wants and needs have shifted a bit; if you’ve been here for a while or followed our og YouTube ‘Glamgurls97’ than you know how much the both of us struggled and still do struggle with acne (you’d think at 22 we’d be past that phase lol). But it has subsided subtanchailly and is no longer in the forefront of our purchasing decisions when it comes to skincare. We’re really into healthy, radiant, glowing, firming, and tightening products. This mask encompasses everything we are looking for. It is in the purple container, and comes out silver (so fun!). It’s recommended to leave the mask on for 20-30 mins which is also something we love (who else let’s masks sit on your face for way longer than needed because you are lazy?!). Once you rinse it off you immediately notice a difference in your skin, it helps bring life back into your skin, while tightening and firms the skin. Perfect for all year around but especially in the winter months when we are casper the ghost level pale and majorly lacking vitamin D.

Jade Rolling

Where to start with this, you’ve probably heard so much about jade rolling the last few years so we will spare you the details. This is nothing new to us or the skincare world but we do love it and wanted to share! Any type of roller (Jade, Rose Quartz, etc) is an investment tool and something you will use forever. It promotes lymphatic drainage, removing toxins from the skin while improving the exterior appearance through tightening, depuffing, and elasticity. We’re not sure if this happens to you but we wake up with super swollen and puffy faces so if we had the time in the morning that would be the best to use it before your makeup application but before bed is also just as beneficial. It’s something mindless you could do while watching TV, YouTube, etc. If you want to go the extra mile keep it in the fridge to aid in depuffing! 

Dry Brushing

Two words – dry brushing! This is so simple yet so effective. You literally brush your body in an upward motion towards the heart with a firm brush. It helps with draining the lymphatic system, this is something we’ve educated ourselves on a lot the last two years; it really interests us. Essentially you are stimulating the lymphatic system to remove all the unwanted toxins in the body – we don’t claim to be professionals and bore you with facts. It aids in toning and firming the skin – we heard that and were sold. If you ever see on Instagram those before and after photos of someone a little on the bloated or puffier side then completely drained and toned through a massage, well that’s a lymphatic drainage massage and this is a simple method to achieve that at home! You can dry brush on its own, accompanied with oils, before or after the shower – it’s all up to your personal preference!

We hope you guys enjoyed this post and hopefully try out some of these products! Please let us know what your selfcare/skincare favourites are – we always love trying out new things!

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