Welcome to Dressed to the Nineties!  Our names are Paulina and Emily.  We’re both 22 years old, and recently graduated from university where we studied business and majored in marketing.  We live just outside of Toronto Canada. As you all can probably tell, we’re best friends!  We met on the very first day of grade 9, and from then we’ve been inseparable!  We are literally like long lost twins (lol).  One of the first things we bonded over was beauty and fashion, and naturally, from there our friendship was born.  We both love following fashion and beauty blogs and always dreamed of running a blog of our own one day!  We want this to be a fun outlet for us to share our passion for fashion, beauty, pretty pictures and all things girly.  We hope our blog is somewhere you all can come and visit to gain inspiration, knowledge, or just pure enjoyment!  Thank you all for visiting our blog, we hope you visit again!


Paulina and Emily