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Hey everyone!! OMG – it feels like we haven’t posted or shot for the blog in weeks. These past few weeks have been beyond hectic for us with all of our assignments due days apart (one day we literally stayed in the library from 2-11:30 pm – we were not happy missing Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules that night lol). Not to mention winter round two has arrived, it’s been crazy snow and ice storms – and when it’s not snowing it’s raining!!! We are so happy to be back writing posts for you guys! BUT we are so happy because this Sunday is our last final exam of the year and we are officially on summer vacation! We cannot wait for it to start warming up (hopefully next week lol) so we can start to wearing some spring clothes. Anyways, enough of us rambling lol; we are so excited about todays blog post. We have noticed this spring season – especially on the runway, blush has become so popular. If you’re someone like us, blush has never not been a staple in your everyday makeup routine. But we have noticed makeup looks focusing more on the blush becoming more and more popular. These are some of our all-time favourite must have blushes that everyone needs in their makeup collection.

1. MAC – Sunbasque

Okay literally this is one of the hands down best blushes you can own!!! We’ve both been using this blush consistently for about 4 or 5 years now. It’s the perfect mixture of light shimmer with high colour payoff and it’s a deep coral colour with a bronzy undertone and pearl shimmer. It literally looks amazing on so many skin tones, both super pale or tan (we’ve used it in the thick of winter and summer) and we just can’t get enough! The pearl shimmer in it is what makes it so universal on so many skin tones, because of the neutral base that the shimmer has.

2. Clinique CheekPop – Ginger Pop

This blush is not only a beautiful everyday colour, but also great for layering. It’s a sheer blush, which is perfect for those days of minimal makeup, or great for layering to really make your other blushes pop! The colour is a little deeper in tone, being the perfect combination of a neutral rose colour with subtle hints of a deep ginger/coral hue. These really bring a freshness to the cheeks and your overall makeup looking super natural and pretty, however are also buildable if the colour payoff isn’t enough the first time.

3. NARS – Super Orgasm

This is a spinoff of one of Nars most popular blushes named “Orgasm”. This colour is perfect for spring and summer, it brings such a fresh feeling to the skin. Its so nice to layer over a matte blush to add some sheen to the face. This is especially nice on super light or low coverage looks to add some life to your look.

4. MAC – Breezy

This blush is literally so perfect for the fall and winter months! Do not be intimidated of the deep colour, once it’s on the skin it has a beautiful colour pay off. This shade is beautiful on any skin tone. It is equally flattering on deeper skin tones as it does on light skin tones. It brings a very warm feeling to the face and matches with almost any eye look and lip colour you choose.

5. NARS – Realm of the Senses (Limited Edition)

Okay so we know this a limited edition that you can no longer get, buuut it’s SO beautiful and we felt that it needed to be included! This has a mixture of colours, with a shimmer running through the entire blush. There is a coral pink shade, a rosy pink with some deeper brown/purple hues, and a nude that all combine for literally the most beautiful colour ever!!! Also, this blush is HUGE, like the size of their bronzers which is insane! Also, the colour payoff is amazing (as with all of their blushes)! The good thing is that NARS as well as many other brands have similar shades that can all be used in conjunction with each other to get a similar look and, they always release limited edition palettes that have beautiful colour combos!

6. MAC – Fleur Power

This is that perfect soft pink colour everyone needs in their collection! It is a true soft and light pink colour with hints of coral once applied to the cheeks. It is a satin finish so it’s definitely not matte but does not have the shimmer that some of the other blushes mentioned, do. It’s literally that perfect fresh pink that always gives a bright and youthful look.

7. Tarte Amazonian Clay – Exposed

The Tarte blushes are so great, especially this colour! It is a true nude that looks very neutral on the skin while still giving your complexion colour and dimension. Perfect for all kinds of looks because it goes so well with so many other colours (eyes, lips, etc.). It is a lighter blush so you might feel like you need to get a few applications before the colour payoff is what you want. However, it’s also perfect for lighter makeup days when you want to look put together without wearing too much!

8. MAC – Springsheen

This is such a beautiful and fresh colour, especially for spring and summer!! It is a shimmery pinky coral with hints of a deeper, truer to hue coral colour (rather than an orange or peach vibe). Again, this is beautiful for layering with other blushes or on its own, and it is one that gives a super healthy, dewy glow to the skin, that keeps you looking fresh and youthful!

9. MAC – Margin

Another favourite of ours that we’ve both been using steady since our high school days!! This is the perfect shimmery peachy/coral blush with golden shimmer running through it that is great to wear on its own (or layer with other blushes). It is a little lighter in colour payoff (a frost) which is why it makes it so good for layering however still beautiful on its own, especially for those summer days when you want light makeup and a perfect cheek colour to suit the season!

10. MAC – Modern Mandarin

This colour is so nice and pigmented. It’s a perfect peachy orange colour, for the warmer months. With a nice tan its brings out such amazing hues from the skin with its warmer undertones. This is especially nice with coral and nude tones. Something that we also love doing is adding the blush we wear in with the eye look (especially bronzed looks) to really pull together the overall look.

11. NARS – Sin

Okay now this is definitely a more interesting colour and may not be your first pick when trying to figure out what new blush to buy next. BUT, in saying that, OMG! This blush is literally beautiful and gives such a different look to the cheeks. It is a more berry coloured blush with light purple undertones and gold shimmer. However, it doesn’t look like you have purple cheeks though lol, more of a mauve hue that gives dimension and depth to the look. The colour payoff is great and a little goes a very long way (trust us, overdoing the blush and trying to furiously blend it out as been a struggle before lol).

12. MAC – Peaches

This blush is so beautiful, it’s a tone down from Modern Mandarin. It’s a sheer tone blush that adds the perfect amount of colour onto the skin. You are able to build it up and add more colour as desired. It’s the perfect colour for spring and summer, adding a fresh and bronzed look with its warmer undertones.

These blushes are literally SO nice and just a staple for everyone. If you can’t tell we both love very similar shades and colours – but they are all so different lol. These colours are great and work with all skin tones, we equally love them when we are so pale but when we have nice tans and are more bronzed. If you’re just starting to experiment with makeup or not very educated on it; Mac is a great brand to start with! They are more “higher end” than drugstore yet still super affordable. They have so many different colours to chose from with different colour pay offs. Sometimes we both get into such a routine with our makeup and what we love we often find ourselves not trying anything new. These blushes are blushes we’ve had for years and still love and use regularly to this day.

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