Must-Have Fall Lipsticks

Hey Everyone! We are so excited for today’s post! As you guys can probably tell from our pervious posts and insta feed – we are completely obsessed with fall and everything that comes with it….including the dark vampy lips. Fall lip colours are some of our favourtie colours to wear, we literally wear dark lip colours every single day. We wanted to share our top 10 favourites that we gravitate to on a regular basis – you all literally need them in your life…or at least one of them lol! Some of our favourite shades for the season include darker nudes, browns, “rusty red”, maroon, and of course a deep oxblood. They’re perfect for any fall look – especially with darker lips that is the focal point of the look so you can go super easy on the easy, or like us – nothing at all lol. Scroll down for the list and links to our favourite shades.

1. Twenty – Kylie Cosmetics

This is the perfect reddy brown to achieve the classic “kylie” lip. Such an everyday wearable colour that’s not too dark but still dark enough.

2. Lolita – Kat Von D

This is the OG famous liquid lip and colour. Literally before Kylie even had her cosmetic line. Back in the day this was so hard to get your hand on and was back-order steady. It’s a classic dark neutral and described as a chestnut rose.

3. Mix Media – MAC Cosmetics

This is a super intense red-ish purple. Its super dark and might be a little out there and out of most people’s comfort zones, but such a pretty shade if you are willing to step out of the box.

4. Ladybegood – MAC Cosmetics

This colour is the perfect nude, it’s not too dark but not too light. It has such a beautiful finish and the best choice for someone who is just branching out into the world of colour.

5. Literally Gloss – Kylie Cosmetics

This is the perfect true brown for fall but in a gloss form for those non lipstick/liquid lip lovers.

6. Kristen – Kylie Cosmetics

This is the newest love to our collection. It is such a beautiful fall “red” – it has brown rusty undertones which makes it the perfect fall red.

7. Zuma – Colour Pop

This colour the perfect year round peachy tan nude that is just as complimentary on tanned and pale skin, which is a bonus when transitioning into the cooler months (and unfortunately losing the summer glow).

8. Rebel – MAC Cosmetics

If you know anything about makeup or loved and watched the beauty community on YouTube back in the day then you 100% know this colour. It is the famous plummy dark go to for fall, it’s a nice change from the typical maroon because of its purple-y undertones.

9. Leo – Kylie Cosmetics

This is such a true deep burgundy. It’s a bloody dark vampy colour that is perfect for the fall season.

10. Velvet Teddy – MAC Cosmetics

This is the perfect deeper/brown nude suitable for all seasons, especially fall. This is also a super popular colour from the OG Youtube days.

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