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Hey everyone!! We are both so excited for today’s post, we have something a little different to talk about today! Something you may not know about us is we LOVE to entertain and throw parties! We always think a career in event planning would be such a fun job – its one of our favourite hobbies lol! No matter the occasion we seem to find a reason to celebrate! A couple of weeks ago we threw one of our best friends a surprise party! Luckily it went off without a hitch (minus the balloons lol) and she was very surprised! We wanted to share with you some fun and easy tricks for you to decorate a Pinterest – perfect party table! These are super simple ways to really add special touches to your party. We hosted the party at a restaurant, therefore we were limited to just a dessert table! These tips are perfect for any occasion and theme you wish to execute.


For us personally dessert is one of our favourite parts of any party or get together lol! Personally, our favourites are cookies and ice cream lol, but cake and cupcakes are an essential aspect of any Birthday. Sometimes bakery prices can be exceptionally overpriced – even for the simplest requests, or your orders cannot be fulfilled due to short notice. We both love to bake and baked the cupcakes! If you’re no Martha Stewart – not to worry lol, cake mixes are always the safe way to go. It saves you tons of time and you’re always garneted yummy results! As for the cake itself we did not want to risk messing up lol! We recommend going to a local grocery store, for us personally this cake is one our favourites, super fresh with incredible icing lol, (it’s called the bouquet cake from The Real Canadian Superstore). They were able to create exactly what we wanted for a very affordable price as opposed to an actual bakery. The results always look so impressive and professional regardless of where they were purchased!


Balloons are always a must at any event! For this party in particular we felt the number balloons did not fit the aesthetic we were trying to achieve and opted for classic balloons! We originally purchased the cutest “Instagram” balloons with the gold circles on them, however the party store accidently gave them away to another customer (we were not to thrilled with that). But we made it work and switched the colour scheme a bit. We suggest checking out different stores such as Chapters to find unique balloons that are different from the typical ones available at the party stores. Even stores such as Michaels the Craft store also sells cute and different balloons.


The accessories are actually our most favourite part of any entertaining! They just complete the aesthetic and are such simple ways to make a statement. One of our favourtie stores to go to any time we are entertaining is Marshalls and Winners! They literally have the cutest things that you cannot find anywhere else. We both are obsessed with cute napkins and Marshalls is the place to go, for any holiday, season, or event – they have it all (who knew?!). We also found this simple white cake dome form Marshalls as well!

Candles are also a must, no one wants the classic little candles anymore lol, well at least not us. For a few years now, we have DIY’d our own by purchasing the classic numbers and gluing glitter on them. It is such an inexpensive way to create something only you will have. We found these pretty pink candles from Chapters. Our vision included a large sparkly 21 on the cake, we were having difficulties finding exactly what we were picturing (and had no time to order online) so once again went to Michaels the Craft Store. The wedding section actually has so many cute things you can use for so many different events. These gold numbers are actually intended to be tables numbers for a wedding, but you could not tell at all!


We both love fresh flowers… its about as close to gardening as it gets for us lol! Sometimes flower shops are SO overpriced – especially if order specific arrangements. A great way to still have beautiful arrangements on a budget is to make them yourself. We both love to do this all the time – even for fun. Finding an inexpensive flower shop that sells flowers individually is great. If not going to your local grocery store is an ideal spot to find beautiful bunches, we specifically love Costco for their flowers. We purchased one bouquet and divided them into two. We already had the mason jars at home, but if not, the Dollar Store has so many inexpensive vases and jars to choose from.
These are just a few simple tricks we always like to use when entertaining and hosting a get together. We hope you all liked this post and gain some inspiration for your next event!

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