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Hey everyone! We are so excited to be back with another baking post!! It’s been so long since we’ve done one and thought this is the perfect time. With it approaching Valentine’s Day we always love to do some festive baking. You know us with our traditions lol! Decorating cookies is one of our favourite things to do, we are by no means professional or have any training or experience – we simply do it for fun and hopefully improve as time goes on lol. We’ve never decorated V-day cookies before simply because it always falls around a busy time for us with school but this year, we were insisting on decorating them and sharing them with our friends and family! This shortbread recipe is AMAZING – literally have been baking them for the last 8 or so years and everyone who tries them loves them, warning – they are addicting!! You can’t just have one. Typically, shortbread is seen as a Christmas cookie, but we love them so much and feel like they should be eaten all year round lol! For those non-bakers out there, these are literally so easy – anyone can bake them! Now let’s get right into the recipe. 

Melting Shortbread


Yields Approx. 4 dozen (depending on thickness) 


3 Cups Flour 

1/2 Cup Cornstarch 

1 Cup icing sugar 

1 Stick of butter, room temperature 


Cream butter and sugar together thoroughly until creamed. Sift colour and cornstarch into butter and sugar mixture. Whip together with electric mixer until fluffy and until mixture breaks. Either drop from a tablespoon or add a little more flour and knead until it can be rolled. Bake until light brown around the edges in a 325-degree oven. May be decorated with sugar sprinkles!!  


* 100% recommend sifting the dry ingredients, you can notice a different if opting out of that step 

* Add flour to the surface prior to rolling on the dough to avoid sticking 

* Add flour to your rolling pin to also avoid sticking 

* Alter the time baked depending on thickness of the cookie (it’s always better to under bake them and add additional time if needed) 

* Allow to fully cool on a cooling rack prior to moving them onto a plate/platter to avoid breaking 

* Use any royal icing recipe you like and are familiar with  

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