Ste. Anne’s Spa Review

Hey everyone! We are back with another blog post and so excited about it! This past summer as a graduation gift we visited Ste Anne’s Spa and absolutely loved it and cannot wait to return. We’ve always wanted a spa day and refer to r&r as our middle names, which in reality they it actually are (Rose and Rebecca) so it’s quite fitting. We spent the whole entire day there and felt so relaxed! Just one day felt like a complete weekend getaway and  allowed us to clear our minds, zone out, up plug, and fully relax. It’s something we really needed especially jumping from school straight to work with little to no down time. Something we want to start incorporating more into our lives are self care and wellness just for ourselves so this is a great start! We walked around in such a daze, ate, relaxed, and swam all day – literally a dream day for us! We also vlogged our day so if you’d like to watch that we will have a link to our video! Although reading reviews or description on the website do come in handy, we wanted to write out  review highlighting the grounds, food, amenities, and our services in the event any of you are interested in visiting! Scroll down for more info!


Let us just start off by saying that the actual grounds, common areas, etc. are all stunning!!! The spa is situated out in the countryside with a super old world feel on both the outside and inside of the building. It’s located on over 400 acres of land, so you totally feel like you’re traveling to a calm oasis far from any hustle and bustle. We found that just the location alone prompted us to become removed from our phones and genuinely just soak up the time we had there without being consumed by anything. To give you guys a rundown of everything we could use there, they had a steam room, sauna, multiple outdoor pools (lap, plunge, relaxing), hot tub, stunning gardens, walking trails, gym, a massage chair room, stables (with actual horsies) and tons of loungers and hammocks all throughout the property. To be honest, we wanted to do more but just found ourselves gravitating to the loungers everywhere we were…. lol #lazy (but that’s the point, right?!). With so much to do (or the opposite), they’ve got tons of accommodations for all kinds of spa goers!


As for food, Ste. Anne’s takes this very seriously (as do we lol). All of our food for the entire day was included in the package we got, which was amazing knowing we didn’t have to worry about paying for each meal after we ate. Everything is so easy-going there that you literally feel like you’re at an all-inclusive resort. Important side note: the spa does not have any alcoholic drinks to serve BUT, if you bring your own, they will uncork it and serve it to you when you’d like! So we obvi brought a bottle of rose to split between the three of us at lunch lol. And might I add that we were the last ones to finish lunch AND our afternoon tea by a good hour after everyone else…. thankfully this is a place where you aren’t rushed, and the staff is so great about everything. When we say they take food seriously, we mean that everything is fresh, made on-site (they literally have a bakery on premise where bread and baked goods are made), and it’s all healthy and wholesome. They have vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free options (so there are options for everyone).

Pure Aroma Massage

All 3 of us got a pure aroma massage and let us just say… it was uh-mazing!!! For anyone who’s not familiar with this kind of massage, they use essential oils that they work into the skin to promote relaxation and healing. It was actually an interesting process because we were all given 3 different oils to smell, and based on which scent(s) we liked best, that was the one the massage therapist used. It was nice to pick which one we liked best and they all were made for different healing purposes which were also explained to use prior to the massage. This massage is designed to ease stress and relieve tension and it did just that (like we all walked out of our treatments half asleep lol). This was all of our first time having this kind of massage, and we would most definitely recommend it!

Lymphatic Massage

If you follow a lot of bloggers and influencers then you’ve probably heard about lymphatic massages and the overall lymphatic system in general! The photos you’ve probably seen – there’s a pretty substantial difference from the before and after, with the removal of a ton of swelling, bloating, and puffiness. We are going to do a blog post about a perfect at home self-care night where we will go more in depth on the lymphatic system and different remedies and methods to help that! Prior to this massage I didn’t know there were different types of techniques and messages for the lymphatic system. I was more so envisioning a deeper drainage massage to remove all the excess water and toxins my body tends to hold onto. This particular massage is a lymphatic massage focuses on the head, neck, and face only. It was an extremely gentle technique with soft little touches to the skin moving towards the direction of the drainage locations. Although this was not the type of lymphatic massage I was hoping to receive, I overall thoroughly enjoyed it and the incredible therapist I had. I explained my interest in the lymphatic system along with my current health issues and she was so helpful giving me a ton of advice and tips on how to better manage everything. She even taught me  how to recreate the massage on my own at home! If you are looking for a full body massage with visible differences then this is not the one for you. I am also still on the hunt for a proper deep drainage massage – so if you have ever had one or know of a place please let us know in the comments!

Overall Experience

Overall, we completely loved our visit to the spa and would/ have recommended it to everyone! You are truly forced to take time out of your busy hectic schedules to unwind, relax, and recharge. From the calm atmosphere, kind staff, and a ton of free amenities you will be able to fill your time in between services or like we did….just sit and chill out lol. We especially loved the sana, hot tub, and pool! There are so many incredible features we didn’t even get a chance to do or use (like the hike… but let’s get real it was our day to relax and that didn’t fit into our schedule lol). We sat and ate all the incredible food – plus its  healthy so that’s even more reason to order every type of cake they had to offer. It’s truly worth every penny from the services to the day as a whole. We are already counting down the days until our next visit and hoping to go once a season! Thank you all for reading – we hope you enjoyed our review! If you liked this post please let us know and we’d love to write more of them for you all!

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