Hey everyone! Today we have super comfy laid-back looks to share with out. What we like to call our OOTDO’s (outfit of the day off), is when you are dressed and have looks on each day but sometimes you just crave comfort. Although majority of our looks are comfortable, nothing beats full out stretchy pants and a sweater vibe. If you ever see us around running errands this is typically…

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Gloomy Days

Hey everyone! Even though we’ve uploaded outfit posts for you guys, it feels like it’s been a minute since we’ve last come on here and wrote to you guys! First…


Midterm Season

Hey guys!! We are so excited to share these looks because we have essentially been wearing a variation of these looks for the past month (practically daily lol). The school…


Minimal Chic

Hey guys!! We are excited to share these simplistic, classy, no fuss polished looks – man that was a mouth full lol, but you guys know we’re big on adjectives.…