Winter Wardrobe

Hey everyone! First off Happy New Year! This is our first time posting since Christmas which is crazy?! Things have been so busy, during the break we completely disconnected from everything and did absolutely nothing – which is exactly what we wanted to be doing lol. Along with that, schools started back up again and we are in our final semester of University…it’s pretty surreal!!! Not to mention it has…

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Polished & Put Together

Hey everyone!! We are back with another outfit post for you guys! These looks were kind of our transition from fall to winter vibes. When we shot these looks, it…


Cute and Casual

Hey everyone! We have another outfit post for you guys! These looks are our cute casual go to’s for the fall time. As you guys know, we love mix and…


Cute and Cozy

Hey everyone!! Today’s post it all about one of our favourite things to wear…. pjs! They’re kind of our guilty pleasure, we just can’t stop buying them lol! Anytime we…